CADbro 2021 Perpetual

Rp 23,678,000

  • > Windows 7/8/10 – 32 & 64 bit
  • > Visualize – Convert – Annotate – Analyze
  • > Includes 3D viewing of 20+ formats and 3D measurement features
  • > Storage in encrypted, with SSL-protected file transfer

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CADbro 2021
Affordable 3D Collaboration
​Visualize ● Convert ● Annotate ● Analyze


CADbro is an affordable 3D CAD Collaboration Tool for visualizing, converting, annotating, and analyzing designs from any 3D CAD system, including Catia, SolidWorks, and PTC.


Visualize and Convert 3D Data from ​Across All Systems and 20+ Formats

All mainstream file formats are supported in CADbro, allowing organizations to slash their overall CAD expense. And, because CADbro is based on the renowned ZW3D modeling kernel, it can handle the most complex parts & assemblies, including automotive & aerospace projects designed in Catia.


Superior Annotation

CADbro users easily perform precise 3D measurements and add PMI dimensions, tolerance, symbols, text, and balloons directly into 3D models:

  • Distance, Radius/Diametric, Angular, Coordinate
  • Chamfer, Arc Length, Hole, Center Line, Linear Radius.
  • Datum, Feature Control Symbol, Surface Finish Symbol​

​​Annotations can be saved in the 3D model or in a separate annotation file.


Powerful, Built-in Analysis

CADbro users can also verify the manufacturability of the product structure and assembly, including full analysis of:

  • Mass Properties of Volume, Area, Mass​
  • Draft Angle, Wall Thickness, Dynamic Section
  • Interference Check, Exploded View, Assembly Animation
  • Checks for Open Edges, Auto-Healing, Fill Gap.

Securely store and share your files in the CADBro Cloud and conveniently collaborate from your PC, tablet, or phone

  • Includes 3D viewing of 20+ formats and 3D measurement features
  • Storage in encrypted, industry-leading Alibaba Cloud with SSL-protected file transfer
  • Provides project managers with multiple security and access settings
  • Each license provides 5G storage (one-year term, upgradeable)