Autodesk MotionBuilder 2025 Commercial New Single-user ELD 3-Year Subscription

Rp 87.210.000 / 3 Year

  • > 3 Year Subscription
  • > Produce high-quality character animations, Work in an interactive environment, Fine-tune animations quickly

What is Autodesk MotionBuilder?
MotionBuilder® is 3D character animation software used to bring loveable characters and ferocious creatures to life. You can:

  • Capture, edit, and play back complex animations
  • Work faster and more efficiently in an interactive environment
  • Seamlessly exchange data between 3D content creation tools like Maya and 3ds Max

Why use MotionBuilder?

  1. Produce high-quality character animations
    Ready-made moves in MotionBuilder empower you to animate 3D characters with ease.
  2. Work in an interactive environment
    An artist-friendly and customizable interface enables you to work faster without compromising creativity.
  3. Fine-tune animations quickly
    Production editing tools let you manipulate motion capture data and take characters to the next level.

What you can do with Autodesk MotionBuilder

  1. Produce realistic character movements
    A real-time 3D character engine automatically creates believable movements for biped or human skeletons.
  2. Modify and alter animations quickly
    Manipulation tools let you change the position and orientation of a character to create or alter animation.


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