Autodesk ShotGrid – Subscription CLOUD Commercial New Single-user ELD 3-Year Subscription

Rp 14.940.000 / 3 Year

  • > 3 Year Subscription
  • > Accelerate productions, Collaborate across teams, Integrate creative apps, Keep your studio secure
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What is ShotGrid?
ShotGrid™ is a production management software, formerly Shotgun Software, that accelerates workflows for creative studios. With ShotGrid, you can:

  • Bring creative visions to life, track deadlines, and manage budgets with powerful project tracking tools
  • Boost collaboration with media playback and review tools
  • Run productions your way with customizable workflows, application integrations, and an open ecosystem

Why use ShotGrid?

  1. Accelerate productions
    Set up, track, and schedule every step of your production in ShotGrid.
  2. Collaborate across teams
    Browse media, provide feedback, and better inform your creative review decisions.
  3. Integrate creative apps
    Boost your studio’s productivity with integrations for all your creative apps.
  4. Keep your studio secure
    Use security features like single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication, and IP allow listing.

What you can do with ShotGrid
1. Supercharge your studio with powerful production tools

  • Track every step of your project, including shots and assets, through the pipeline.
  • Remove business guesswork with reporting tools.
  • Scale creative projects in size and complexity.
  • Maximize resources with project planning and scheduling capabilities.

2. Collaborate more effectively in the cloud with ShotGrid & RV

  • Receive updates with automatically tracked versions and note history.
  • Give effective feedback and easily collaborate with in-context notes and powerful annotations.
  • Bring context directly where needed with integrations in Maya, 3ds Max, Unreal Engine, and more.


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