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ZW3D 2Axis is a comprehensive CAD/CAM software solution designed to meet the needs of users in the manufacturing industry, particularly those involved in 2-axis machining operations. This software offers a range of features for both CAD and CAM functionality, providing users with the tools they need to design and manufacture parts efficiently and accurately.

Key features of ZW3D 2Axis include:

Basic CAD:
1. Converter for IGES, Parasolid®, STEP, DWG/DXF, VDA, STL files, etc.
2. Open, Save and Directly Edit: CATIA®, Inventor®, NX®, SolidWorks®, SolidEdge®, Creo®/ProE® and ACIS files
3. 3D Print Interface
4. 2D, 3D Sketch & Wireframe
5. Data Inquire & Geometr Healing
6. 2D Drawings
7. PMI
8. Standard Parts Library
9. TraceParts Online Parts Library
2-Axis CAM:
1. Drilling
2. Auto-Feature Tactics
3. 2-Axis Turning
4. 2-Axis Milling
5. Tool Path Editor
6. Solid Verification
7. ZW3D Post Processor
8. NC Program (G code) Output
Overall, ZW3D 2Axis provides a comprehensive solution for CAD/CAM users involved in 2-axis machining operations, offering powerful tools for design, simulation, and manufacturing.


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