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ZW3D Advanced is a comprehensive CAD/CAM software solution designed to meet the needs of engineers and designers working on complex projects that require advanced design and simulation capabilities. With a focus on versatility and efficiency, ZW3D Advanced offers a range of features for structure design, analysis, collaboration, and simulation.

Key features of ZW3D Advanced include:

  1. Structure Design: ZW3D Advanced provides tools for creating complex structures, including support for parametric modeling, assembly design, and advanced surface modeling techniques. Users can create detailed 3D models of structures, components, and assemblies, optimizing designs for strength, functionality, and manufacturability.
  2. Linear Static Analysis (Part & Assembly): The software includes built-in finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities for performing linear static analysis on both individual parts and assemblies. Users can simulate and analyze the structural behavior of their designs under various loading conditions, identifying areas of high stress, deformation, and failure.
  3. Harness Design: ZW3D Advanced offers specialized tools for designing electrical harnesses and cable assemblies. Users can create and route wires, cables, and connectors within their designs, ensuring proper fit, clearance, and electrical connectivity.
  4. ECAD/MCAD Collaboration: ZW3D Advanced supports collaboration between electrical and mechanical design teams through seamless integration with ECAD (electronic computer-aided design) software. This allows for the exchange of design data between electrical and mechanical systems, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and ensuring design consistency.
  5. Piping Design: The software includes tools for designing piping systems, allowing users to create and route pipes, fittings, and valves within their 3D models. Users can optimize pipe routing, ensure proper clearance, and generate accurate bills of materials (BOMs) for piping assemblies.
  6. Structural Simulation (Optional): ZW3D Advanced offers optional advanced simulation capabilities for structural analysis and optimization. Users can perform complex simulations, such as nonlinear analysis, dynamic analysis, and thermal analysis, to evaluate the performance of their designs in real-world conditions and optimize them for strength, durability, and safety.

Overall, ZW3D Advanced provides engineers and designers with a powerful set of tools for designing, analyzing, and optimizing complex structures and systems. With its advanced design and simulation capabilities, as well as seamless collaboration features, ZW3D Advanced is an ideal solution for tackling challenging engineering projects across a variety of industries.


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