VMware vSphere 8 Standard for 1 processor + Production Support/Subscription 1 Year

Rp 25.060.000 / Year

  • > 1 Year Subscription
  • > Get optimal performance for your data center. Boost operational efficiency, supercharge workload performance, and accelerate innovation for your business.

VMware vSphere 8 Standard, coupled with a 1-year Production Support/Subscription, is a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize data center performance, enhance operational efficiency, and propel business innovation. This comprehensive virtualization platform provides a range of features to maximize data center capacity, streamline budget management, ensure regulatory adherence, and accelerate workload performance.

Key Features:

  1. Maximize Data Center Capacity Utilization: Utilize a forward-looking analytics engine to predict future demand, receive recommendations, and automate processes such as reclamation and rightsizing. This ensures optimal utilization of data center resources.
  2. Optimize Budget Management: Manage tight IT budgets effectively by increasing return on investment (ROI) from existing resources. Leverage chargeback and showback capabilities to allocate costs appropriately and optimize overall budget utilization.
  3. Maximize SLAs (Service Level Agreements): Ensure high-performance service delivery with comprehensive performance monitoring, predictive analytics, and faster troubleshooting. Maximize SLAs to meet and exceed user expectations.
  4. Regulations Adherence: Enable governance and compliance by adhering to industry standards and regulations. VMware vSphere 8 Standard provides tools to help organizations maintain regulatory compliance in their virtualized environments.
  5. Enhance Workload Performance: Improve infrastructure performance by offloading security and networking functions from CPUs to Data Processing Units (DPUs). This optimization enhances overall workload performance, contributing to a more responsive and efficient virtualized environment.
  6. Accelerate Business Innovation with AI: Embrace the future of technology by supporting large Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) workloads. VMware vSphere 8 Standard facilitates the deployment of up to 16 vGPUs per VM, 32 passthrough devices per VM, and incorporates NVLink and NVSwitch technology, thereby accelerating business innovation through AI.

Conclusion: VMware vSphere 8 Standard, coupled with its Production Support/Subscription, is a powerful virtualization solution that addresses the modern challenges of data center management. By providing advanced analytics, budget optimization, regulatory adherence, and support for emerging technologies like AI/ML, this product empowers businesses to achieve optimal performance, efficiency, and innovation within their virtualized environments. With a focus on automation, predictive analytics, and compliance, VMware vSphere 8 Standard ensures a robust and future-ready infrastructure for businesses of all sizes.


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