Autodesk Fusion Design Extension CLOUD Commercial New Single-user 3-Year Subscription

Rp 25.310.000 / 3 Year

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  • > Make complex 3D modeling easy, Save time with automation, Manufacture better products faster

What is the Autodesk Fusion Design Extension?
The Autodesk Fusion Design Extension, formerly known as Fusion 360 Product Design Extension, is a set of advanced 3D design and modeling tools. Enable an automated approach to manufacturing complex product designs. Get access to intelligent feature settings to improve product performance. Apply the guidance to prepare your designs for manufacturing.

Benefits of the Autodesk Fusion Design Extension

  1. Make complex 3D modeling easy
    Enhance the performance and aesthetics of your products. Control complex geometry easily.
  2. Save time with automation
    Focus on the function and aesthetics with tools that accelerate the product design change process.
  3. Manufacture better products faster
    Prepare 3D designs for the shop floor with manufacturing-aware features built-in.

Product Design Features

  1. Manufacturing-aware functionality: Improve your product development process with manufacturing-aware capabilities.
  2. Feature-based automation: Focus more time on product design with access to specialized tools for your industry.
  3. Geometric patterning: Apply highly customizable geometric patterns with user-defined or pre-defined objects.
  4. Volumetric lattice: Modify existing solid or mesh bodies to create complex volumetric lattices that alter the shape and appearance of a design.

Overall, the Autodesk Fusion Design Extension offers a powerful suite of tools for designers and engineers looking to streamline their product design process, optimize designs for manufacturing, and bring better products to market faster.


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