Azure Bring Your Desktop Everywhere [FREE Azure Credits]

  • > WVD includes Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session
  • > Managed domain services – Azure Active Directory Services
  • > No upfront investment for hardware and software

Azure is a platform for Cloud computing services offered by Microsoft. It provides 600+ Services in its Cloud computing platforms. These services help to build, test, deploy, and manage applications on the Azure Platform. Azure offers infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service along with that Azure enables ML and AI-supported applications.

Access your desktop and applications from virtually anywhere

Set up Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) in minutes to enable secure remote work. Provide the familiarity and compatibility of Windows 10 with the new scalable multi-session experience for your end users and save costs by using existing eligible Windows licenses. Manage your end-to-end Azure Virtual Desktop deployment alongside other Azure services within the Azure portal.

Key Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

    • Deliver Windows 10 desktops and applications virtually anywhere
    • Built-in intelligent security
    • Deploy and scale in minutes
    • Reduce cost using existing licenses

Azure Service Architecture

Andriod (Linux), iOS, and Windows can work on offered cross-platform to run applications on Microsoft Azure. Azure offers Developer services, management and security, Compute and many more service to create intelligent applications which are smarter and engaging to people. The following is the Architecture of Azure Services offered by Microsoft.

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, SOLUSI offers offer Azure Virtual Desktop to our customers.. We also provide training and advisory services to support seamless migration and ensure that the transition is easy, quick and secure.


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