Azure Lift and Shift [FREE Azure Credits]*

  • > Azure Credit will be provided to customers attending Azure Event “Berinovasi dimana saja dengan Azure” on May 31, 2023.
  • > Customers are eligible to receive Azure Credit up to $500 for one month only.
  • > The Azure Credit does not cover the cost of development or any associated expenses.
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What is Azure Lift and Shift?

Lift and shift – also known as rehosting – is a migration strategy that involves moving data and applications from an on-premises location to Azure-based virtual machines in the cloud. It’s a popular approach, mainly because it is relatively quick and painless.

Lift-and-shift allows organisations to keep running their applications with minimal changes and disruption. They benefit from all Azure’s advanced platform capabilities and scalability without having to invest in the re-architecture of applications or the refactoring of code up front.

Key Benefits of Azure Lift and Shift

  • Faster and easier migration
  • Reduced risk and cost
  • Minimal re-architecture and refactoring
  • Low initial cost compared to re-platforming
  • Minimal or no downtime


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